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Baking Tray - 36cm


    • Product Description

      Do your baking tins need a revamp? Our exclusive Bakedin range covers all the standard sizes of cake tins that you will need in your kitchen. This 36cm baking tray is perfect for Bakedin favourites, including the Gingerbread house and Banoffee Cookies, and all your oven needs! 

      If you are part of our Baking Club, this quality baking tray is a must-have for our exclusive cakes.  


      • Double coated non-stick
      • Oven safe to 230 degrees
      • Dishwasher safe
      • Made in Britain


    • 0.3 gauge steel
    • 7-9 Microns thick
    • Coil coated to guarantee long-lasting performance

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