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Tailored dog food from gives your dog their own recipe of kibble. This complete food is designed by vets and nutritionists, and backed by science to support dog health from the inside out.

Tailored food does more than take care of hunger, it gives your dog the right calories, looks after sensitive tummies, skin and coats. It’s there when you want to target health conditions and allergies, plus the crunchy biscuits do a great job with plaque build-up on their teeth.

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Each crunch has the exact balance of protein (meats, fish, etc), veggies (brown rice for slow-release energy), minerals and supplements (like Omega 3 for shiny coats) your dog needs. What’s more, there’s no added sugars, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Choosing tailored food means it’s with your dog for life. The recipe gently adapts and changes to look after them - from growing puppy brains to extra joint support in their senior years.

You answer questions about your dog online, then they blend it fresh, work out the daily calories you need to serve, pop your dog’s name on the front and send it to you (all of this in 72 hours or less!).