At Baked In, we’re working hard to reduce our impact on the environment. We’re by no means perfect, but we’re trying! Read on to find out all about the steps we're taking and some all-important information on how to recycle the packaging from your favourite Baked In products.

Since 2020 we have joined forces with incredible organisations to offset our carbon footprint. We now plant a tree for every Baking, Bread Baking and Junior Baking club box that we send out, to go towards offsetting the CO2 used in the manufacturing process.
The personal CO2 footprint of everyone in the Baked In team (plus a bit extra for good measure), is also offset through a range of environmental and renewable energy projects.
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Did you know that food waste is the third-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions? Or that we throw away over a third of all the food we produce every year - worth over $1 trillion each year? These are shocking statistics that we all must do more to improve.

Combating food waste is one of the main reasons we started the business. Have you ever bought ingredients for a bake you had no intention of baking again, but needed to buy way more than you need? We’ve been there!

That’s why we only provide you with the exact amount of ingredients you’ll need to make your bake, so you won’t need to throw any ingredients away during or after the bake.

Before your Baking Club box is dispatched, we send you details of the ingredients you’ll need to buy for the bake including exact weights and measurements. This helps you to only buy the exact amount you’ll need, therefore minimising any excess. So when we ask for fresh ingredients to be added, these are nearly always kitchen essentials (butter and eggs, for example) that you’re likely to have in your cupboards at home. Any additional ingredients, such as fresh fruit, are also easy to find and we try to use the whole fruit in the bake (think lemon juice and zest!)

From April 2019, we have also included storage instructions on our Baking Club boxes to make sure you can keep your bakes fresher for longer. They’re therefore less likely to be wasted.

When we buy the dry ingredients to make our Baking Club boxes, we have a cut-off date of the 1st of the month. This helps us to accurately measure the exact amount of ingredients we’ll need to make for that month and minimise waste. Any excess ingredients, such as flour and sugar, can be used in future boxes.

When we package our products, we have a tough balance to strike between food safety and our commitment to the environment.

To give you the ‘baking from scratch’ experience at home, the dry ingredients need to be packaged separately in food-safe packaging. The vast majority of our packaging is easily recyclable (including the single-use plastic sachets).

The plastic we use has always been recyclable, but we've recently moved to a much more easily recyclable material - you can pop them in the carrier bag recycling boxes at most majority supermarkets. It's double the price of the previous bags we use but we think it's worth it...we also get a much stronger seal so will hopefully reduce the burst bags we get from time to time from heavy handed posties.

Find out what you can recycle at home or in your local area at

At Baked In we love making a difference in our local community. We currently support a number of local charities and schools that are close to our hearts in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas.

We want to continue to spread that support further so we are currently working on some exciting new ways to partner with PTA's and Charities across the UK in the near future.

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