The baking club and bread baking club are two completely unique subscription boxes. Each month, we deliver a unique baking kit with a recipe exclusively developed in-house and posted through your letterbox. Like our famous baking kits, it contains all of the dry ingredients you’ll need, an easy to follow recipe card and some handy extras!

You still get the joy of baking from scratch, just with no food waste, a great taste and something new to impress your friends and family with each month.

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What is the Baking Club?

The Baking Club is all kinds of sweet bakes, it will never be dough based and never savoury. For example, cakes, muffins, cookies, pastry, biscuits and cupcakes.

What is the Bread Baking Club?

The Bread Club will always be bread based, sweet or savoury. For example, loaves, buns, croissants and flat breads.