Easter Egg Hunt

Bakedin Easter Egg Hunt
Between now and 12pm on Tuesday 23rd April, we've hidden seven Easter Eggs across our website.
Once you find one, click it to reveal an egg-sclusive discount code or a cracking surprise!

The Eggs

Keep your eyes peeled for the little Easter Eggs shown below. They could be hidden anywhere - at the bottom of pages, hidden in product information tabs or even inside a blog post. 

Blue Egg Pink Egg Green Egg Orange Egg Rainbow Egg Silver Egg Gold Egg

Make sure you disable any pop-up blockers, otherwise you might not see your surprise!

Get Started

While the Easter Egg hunt is on, we'll be posting clues on our social media channels to help you find them, so make sure you're following us on Facebook and Twitter!

Here's the first hint to help you on your way: "I'm hiding somewhere a little bit spiky..."

Good luck!