Dear Lewis...

Hi Lewis

We are all very well here at Bakedin! We hope you are well?

We all watch the Great British Bake Off and every Wednesday morning we all come in and chat about who we think was the best and who should have gone home. Who's your favourite to win this year?

Liv and Paula are our recipe developers and come up with all our bakes for the Baking Club and the Bread Baking Club.

Here is our Warehouse and Web Orders area, this is where we pack all our boxes:

The Bakedin Teams favourite items:

Liv - Sticky Toffee Cake Kit
Ana - Carrot & Pecan Squares
Simone - Cinnamon Buns
Amy - Cinnamon Buns
Emily - Tiger Rolls
Kerrie - Cinnamon Buns
Laura - Pretzels
Jana - Sour Cream Chocolate Cake
Charlotte - Blueberry & Cashew Squares
Sammy - Blueberry & Cashew Squares
Gemma - Chocolate & Pecan Millionaires Shortbread

Our extra space in the warehouse

This is the test kitchen where we come up with all of the bakes.

We have a Christmas party every year but we can't have one this year :(

To work at Bakedin you have to be 16 years old and doing an apprenticeship or 18 to work full-time with no study.


We hope you enjoyed this little insight to Bakedin and we can't wait to see some photos of you with your rainbow cake! :D