The Cake Factory

Choose your cake layers

Choose from 7 different colours (vanilla flavoured), plain vanilla or a decadent chocolate sponge. Each layer mix is individually bagged to make things super easy.

Choose your icing

Pick an icing colour and get the exact shade you like using our special colour mixes, or go for chocolate or simply plain.

Choose your decorations

Finish off your creation by choosing from our extensive range of sprinkles, topper kits and candles!

What's in the kit?

Need some inspiration?


The original Bakedin layer cake.


Perfect for a baby shower.


There's no shaking the unicorn trend!


Taste the rainbow dipped in chocolate.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to add to make the cake?

You'll need: 4 medium eggs, 1sp water/milk, 60ml milk and 500g butter.

How big a cake does the kit make?

The finished masterpiece is 4 layers high and approximately 10cm in height. It will feed 12 hungry adults and 24 children - perfect for birthday parties.

Can I add more sprinkles, toppers or candles?

Yes, you can never have too many sprinkles! You can buy individual pots of sprinkles, topper kits and candles from our Bake Shop -

How long will the kit last before I make the cake?

All our products are guaranteed to have at least 3 months shelf life, although usually much longer

What size tins do I need?

18cm or 20cm is absolutely fine

This sounds awesome, how much does it cost?

The base kit (4 cake layers, icing, colour sachet (if using a coloured icing), sprinkles and cake board cost just £9.99. You can add 4 disposable tins and baking paper circles for £2.50, or topper kits for £3.99