The only thing better than baking at home is doing it with your friends and family. We want to help you spread the word about Bakedin to all your besties so you can have a virtual bake off with each other every month. We're offering 1000 Brownie Points (worth £10.00) for every friend you introduce to the Baking Club, and we'll give them £10 off their first Baking Club order too. There's no limit to the number of rewards you can get, the more people in the club the merrier!


1. Go to or click the "Brownie Pts" link in the dark blue bar at the top of our website.

2. Either log into your account or create an account if you have not created one already.

3. In the orange menu on the left hand side is a link titled 'Refer Friends'. Click on this.

3. In the orange menu on the right hand is a drop down menu which has 'Refer Friends'. Click on this.

4. You can choose to share the offer either on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp or Email. When you click one of the buttons you'll get a unique code that we use to track the people that join using it. You can use the email that we have written for you by clicking on the email button or you can copy the referral link and write your own email. We recommend copying the link and sending from your own email address as people's spam filters sometimes get a bit over zealous when the email button is used.

If your friends join using the link, they'll get £10 off their first Baking Club order, and you'll get 1000 Brownie Points which is worth £10.00 towards Baked In products including your own Baking Club subscription.

If the any of the buttons don't work you may have settings in your web browser blocking popups.


1. Brownie points will become available in your account 7 days after your friend joins. If you have enough brownie points to redeem a voucher a 'Get Reward' button will appear. Here you can choose to claim a reward or wait and build up your points to claim the higher value rewards.

2. Once you've decided on which reward you like, click the 'Get reward' button. You will then be asked to confirm if you'd like to redeem your points for the reward. (Please be aware that the vouchers are only valid in our Bakeshop and not on subscription products. If you want to use your points towards your subscription, you'll need to select one of the subscription rewards.)

3. Once you press the "YES" button, you will then be given the discount code to use against your order. If you would like to use it on an active subscription please copy the code and click the link underneath 'Discount an active subscription here'. You will then be taken to your customer portal where you can 'Apply Discount Code' to your subscription.

If you have any questions the please drop us an email at and we'll help you out :)