Help spread the Baked In word and get paid cash for every person you refer who joins our Baking Clubs

The Baked In Ambassador programme gives you the chance to earn cash for helping introduce people to our Baking Clubs. You'll get paid up to £20 for each new member that joins using your referral link and up to 11% on all other orders. As part of the Ambassador community you'll also get the chance to get your hands on exclusive Baked In merch as well as invites to events and meet ups.

Register your interest using the button below. You'll just need to tell us a little bit about yourself.

The team will then review your application and be in touch if they think you'd be a good match for our ambassador programme. Once approved you will gain access to your new tracking link.

Share your Baked In content online and when someone in your network joins, you'll receive money straight into your bank account.


When we launch a new product, you’ll know about it first and we’ll even send you an exclusive discount so you can get your hands on it first! You’ll always be the first to know when we have any offers or sales coming up.

We’re a social bunch at Baked In - whether it’s online events or we organise a get together around the UK, you’ll be on the VIP list.

As you grow your network of Baked In enthusiasts, we’ll send you free Baked In merch to help give your photos that little something extra!

The place to go for all things Baked In Ambassador - as part of your registration process, you’ll receive an invite to our exclusive Facebook group. This is where we answer your questions, let you in on upcoming news and events, and much more!

We’ll be on the lookout for the amazing content you share, be that on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok - and we’ll pop you a mention if we share anything to our own pages!

That’s right - you’ll be first in line to see, bake and eat any new products that we release down the line. Exciting or what?

isn't this the same as refer a friend?

With Refer a friend you get Brownie Points to spend online on the Baked In website, whereas you get cash straight into you bank account with the Ambassador programme

Can I be an ambassador if I’m not a member?

Yes - as long as you have a relevant social media following

I need help, who do i contact?

If you need any help regarding the ambassador programme, please send an email to