The Bakedin story began back in May 2013. Joe and his good friend Anna had been lift sharing to work for a few months, and on a journey on the M3 the conversation moved onto the subject of baking. They both loved to cook and had the idea of a time saving baking kit that still gave the full baking from scratch experience but with a little less hassle – and so the Bakedin baking kit was born. Joined by their friend Elaina, a plan was hatched to test their idea. A school fete, artisan market and high street food festival later and it was clear the public loved the idea. Not long after, they picked up their first stockist and launched an additional product range – mug baking mixes. The business grew steadily, but working a demanding day job and spending evenings and weekends working on the business meant that a crossroads was soon reached. After raising a round of seed investment, Joe quit his day job to manage the business full time, hired his first employees and the rest is history. After an introduction to Michel Roux, they are now fortunate to have their recipes exclusively developed for them by one of the world’s finest pastry chefs. Today Bakedin has hundreds of stockists including Lakeland, Ocado, Hobbycraft and Center Parcs. Their Baking Club subscription service was named in the Independents top 15 food subscriptions two years running, alongside brands such as Graze, HelloFresh and Hotel Chocolat. 
Bakedin chocolate brownie baking kit

Meet the Team

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