British Partyware

Recyclable Blue Paper Cups, 8 Pk


Cheers! These blue party cups are perfect for a summer BBQ, birthday, patriotic British street party or cheering on your favourite sports team with your friends. You could even line up these large cups on your kitchen table and spark some friendly competition with a a game of beer pong.

Each pack includes 8 recyclable paper cups

Size: 455ml

Eco: Enjoy your celebration knowing that your tableware is kind to the planet. The plastic or wax coatings used in most “paper” cups mean they’re always going to end up in landfill. But these home recyclable Eco Cups are different. No plastic. No wax. They’re the first ever disposable paper cups you can put straight into your recycling bin at home along with all those other paper and card items.

Packaging not currently recyclable.

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