Top 5 Kitchen Baking Utensils

September 08, 2020

Top 5 Kitchen Baking Utensils

When it comes to baking there is so much equipment out there and all of it may seem essential as every different recipe book will tell you that you need a new utensil to achieve the perfect cake. This can end up being costly and after one use will no doubt end up in the back of a drawer or cupboard.

So we’ve come up with our top 5 kitchen baking utensils that we believe are the MOST important bits to have for successful baking:

Wooden Spoon

The trusty wooden spoon! This is a no brainer when it comes to baking, nearly every recipe will require you to mix and if you don’t have an electric mixer, a wooden spoon is the next best thing!

It is also cheap to buy and come in different sizes so perfect for little hands and big hands alike.

Wooden spoons don’t conduct heat, whereas, metal spoons get very hot very quickly and plastic spoons will begin to melt at high temperatures, so you don’t have to worry about leaving the wooden spoon in the pan for a short time. They also don’t scratch pots and bowls - perfect for using with non-stick surfaces.

Over in our Bakeshop we have 2 different sizes available, 20cm Wooden Spoon or 30cm Wooden Spoon

Balloon Whisk

Balloon whisks are the most popular type of whisk out there and come in different shapes and sizes. From making perfect meringues to a simple whipped cream, a good whisk is the key.

Get the Balloon Whisk in the Bake Shop

Small Palette Knife

Palette knives need some practice to master but once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll never look back and wonder how you ever iced a cake before it! Whether you're painting on buttercream, spreading batter or levelling a cake, a palette knife will become a must-have in the kitchen.

They come in all shapes and sizes, with an angled palette knife allowing ease when spreading batter in a tin or getting a sharp top edge when icing a cake. A flat bladed palette knife will allow you to fill cake layers effortlessly and achieve the perfect smooth sides you’d never thought you’d be able to achieve.

Over in our Bakeshop we have 2 different styles available, Angled Blade Palette Knife or Flat Blade Palette Knife

Rubber Spatula

Don’t you just hate it when most of your cake mix ends up round the side of the bowl instead of being mixed at the bottom? Well, you need a rubber spatula! This handy tool helps you get all the mix from round the edge of the bowl and back into the middle to be mixed in.

It’s also really handy when it comes to putting the mix into a baking tin as it allows you to scrape out every last little bit of mixture so you maximise your efforts and get rewarded with more cake!

Measuring Spoons

If you’re not using one of our kits that come with all the dry ingredients weighed out for you then you’ll need some measuring spoons! With baking exact measurements matter, therefore having measuring spoons will help you keep your ingredient amounts accurate.

Get the Measuring Spoons in the Bake Shop

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