The 6 best freezable bakes

January 25, 2018

The 6 best freezable bakes

You’ve just realised it's  your best-friends birthday tomorrow, or the in laws are popping in out of the blue, or perhaps your kids casually drop into the conversation a school bake sale at the dinner table! Forget frantically rushing to the shops, because we’ve got you covered. Spend your next lazy Sunday making a stash of freezable bakes and you will never fail to impress with your homemade bakes on any occasion.

There are many great bakes that can be introduced to your freezer as your new baking saviour. In the Bakedin office, we have compiled our favourite ones. . .

1) Cinnamon Buns
Our delicious cinnamon bun kits can help you on your way to creating this perfect freezable bake. Wow your guests with a warm and mouth watering cinnamon bun for breakfast or even to have with an afternoon tea. When baking cinnamon buns, make them to the point of being oven ready and once in the baking tins, freeze them. You can do this in bulk or individually portion. As soon as you need them, pop them in the fridge to defrost (ideally the night before), then bring back to room temperature and bake them as normal when you’re ready

If you haven’t tried our cinnamon buns yet, where have you been? Link below:

2) Cookies
Any type of cookie makes a great stockpile for the freezer. They can be prepared on mass, balled up and frozen in a freezable bag. This can be a great tip to control snacking while on a diet. Cookies are brilliant for any occasion.

3) Muffins
There's nothing more satisfying than a freshly baked muffin and a cup of tea or coffee. What is great about muffins is they can be cooked in advance, cooled, bagged up and then frozen. When you are ready for a muffin break defrost at room temperature. Another method is to freeze the batter in the cases until you need them. Defrost by refrigerating overnight and then cook for the usual time on the instructions.

If your stuck for ideas on what muffins to make, our bake of the month baking box is Blueberry and Granola Muffins! They are flying off the shelves so grab yours while stock lasts!

4) Scones
We love our afternoon tea, so be prepared with a few homemade scones? As a bake, they are incredibly versatile and you can put your very own twist to these beauties by adding many different flavour combinations. You can freeze the mix or you can freeze them baked and do the usual overnight defrost. If you want to freeze unbaked scones, lay them flat on a lined tray that will fit in your freezer. Freeze until firm, then place into a freezer bag or sealed container in the freezer again. You can then pop then in the oven and bake straight from frozen.

5) Energy Bars and Protein balls
Energy bars and Protein balls are really fun to make, they are usually packed with a variety of different nuts, berries and seeds that help provide a little protein and energy kick in your day. They also taste great, so what is not to love? You can usually make these if you have a food processor handy. Even better, they freeze excellently so you can bulk make these and defrost in the fridge overnight in order to grab your handy snack the next morning.

We love these ones by Jamie Oliver -

6) Banana Loaf
Yes, you can freeze cake! This is the ultimate tea time hack. Once you have baked your banana bread and it has fully cooled, you can tightly wrap it in a double layer of cling film, and then a layer of foil. Or alternatively, you can use a resealable bag. You can freeze it for up to 3 months! To defrost all you need to do is unwrap and leave at room temperature for 3-4 hours, then store in a airtight container. You can ever freeze individual slices of the loaf for up to 1 month, these take around 1-2 hours to thaw. We have a incredible banana loaf baking box currently available on our site, so why not get your hands on one of these!

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