Stocking Filler Ideas for Baking Lovers

December 05, 2018

Bakedin Stocking Fillers for Baking Lovers

Long gone are the days where Christmas stocking were filled with toothbrushes, clementines or lumps of coal. Thanks to our range of affordable stocking fillers and Christmas presents, you can take your pick of delicious treats and foodie gifts for the baking lovers in your life. While we’re technically dedicating this post to stocking filler ideas for those who enjoy baking, every item on this list could work as a unique Secret Santa gift or as a ‘thank you’ gift for teacher at the end of term.

So what are our favourite baking stocking fillers? Read on to find out! Or, if you’d rather browse our Bake Shop, head there now >>

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Single Pot Mug Mixes Make Great Stocking Fillers

Our mouth-watering mug mix single pots make the perfect stocking filler for foodies, as they’re small enough to fit in the smallest of Christmas stockings and at only £1.50 per pot, they’re also at the perfect price point for little treats.

Bakedin Stocking Filler Ideas for Baking Lovers Single Pots

Each pot contains enough mug mix to make a single chocolate brownie, sticky toffee pudding or gooey chocolate cookie in under 2 minutes. All you need to do is empty the contents of the pot into a mug with some melted butter and milk, and then pop it into the microwave. An easy treat in no time at all - perfect for children to make on their own too!

Take your pick from our Belgian chocolate brownie mix, our sticky toffee mug mix or our gooey chocolate cookie mug mix.

Choose your favourite mug mix now!

Stocking Fillers Mug Gift Set

If you’d rather give a stocking filler that is both practical and delicious, how about one of our beautiful mug gift sets that the lucky recipient can treasure forever? Our mug gift sets contain a ceramic mug that is both microwave and dishwasher-safe and a single portion of mug mix, depending on the gift set you choose.

Bakedin Stocking Filler Ideas for Baking Lovers Mug Gift Set

Just like our single pot mug mixes, choose between our Belgian chocolate brownie mix, a sticky toffee pudding mug mix, or a gooey chocolate cookie one. Each one is perfect when topped with ice cream!

Have a look at our mug mix range now!

A Cake or a Cookie in a Card Stocking Filler

Traditional stockings don’t include greetings cards, but our greetings cards aren’t traditional either! In our ‘Cake or Cookie in a Card’ we include just that - your choice of mug mix, either chocolate brownie or gooey chocolate cookie and a generous helping of chocolate beans. Just like the rest of our mug mixes, each one can be made in the microwave in under 2 minutes, with just a little extra butter and milk.

Bakedin Stocking Filler Ideas for Baking Lovers Cake Cards

There’s space to write your name (or Santa’s of course) and a little gift message as well, so the recipient will know exactly who to thank for the best. card. ever!

Choose your flavour now!

Put Festive Mug Mixes in your Stocking

Now you need to have something at least a little Christmassy in your stocking, and we’ve got the perfect option at Bakedin! Our brand new festive mug mixes are flavoured with our favourite tastes of Christmas, from Gingerbread to Christmas Pudding. So if you’ve got a gingerbread or Christmas pudding lover in your family, why not treat them to one of our mug mixes that can be made in the microwave for a delicious alternative to the traditional clementine?

Bakedin Stocking Filler Ideas for Baking Lovers Festive Mug Mixes

View our festive mug baking range now...

Christmas Pudding Mug Mix  Gingerbread Mug Mix


So there we have it! Our favourite stocking fillers for foodies, which will keep any baking lover happy this Christmas. Do you have any other ideas? We’d love to hear what you fill your stockings with, so just let us know in the comments!

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Bakedin Stocking Filler Ideas for Baking Lovers

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