Miracle Mug Baking

August 01, 2017

Miracle Mug Mix by Bakedin

So what comes to mind when you think of baking? Do you have happy childhood memories of licking the mixture from the bowl? That sweet smell of cake coming from the oven? Or perhaps for you, baking brings with it confusing measurements, a messy kitchen and something you avoid at all costs!! We all have different connections and feelings towards baking, however one thing that does seem to join us all together is the enjoyment of eating the final product.  

So here at Bakedin, we create products that suits everyone's different Baking needs. Have you ever tried our Mug Baking Kits? If you haven’t, think simple, quick and real quality ingredients. They really are the perfect solution for any kind of baker in need of a quick and tasty treat. All you need is a microwave, a mug and a spoon!

Just about anyone can enjoy these little beauties, kids and teenagers love them, as do parents, students, professionals, and even baking enthusiasts like us can see the uniqueness and fun in this product. 

Bakedin Mug Mix Collection

Depending on what you fancy we offer six different mug kits here at Bakedin. We have our very own range of chocolate brownie, sticky toffee, chocolate chip cookie and Christmas pudding mug mixes. We also have teamed up with Candy Crush and adorable Facebook kitty, Pusheen to create a range of brownie mixes. To see the full range visit our Bake Shop.  

Bakedin Mug Mix featuring Pusheen

If you do please feel free to share with us the results on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. We always love to hear your feedback and see your pictures.

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