Introducing the Mug Baking Club Subscription

July 17, 2019 1 Comment

Bakedin Mug Baking Club Subscription

If you’ve enjoyed our classic miracle mug bakes, you’re going to love what we’ve got cooking! In August, we’re launching a brand new mug baking subscription that gives you everything you need to make delicious cakes, puddings, cookies and more in a mug in the microwave. 

Sounds good! How does it work?

Just like our Baking Club, we’ll send a box in the post every month that contains all the dry ingredients you’ll need to make two individual portions of that month’s mug bake. You’ll just need to follow the instructions to mix up the contents of the sachet with melted butter and milk in a mug, and then pop in the microwave. Then, top with the delicious bag of toppers for decoration and extra flavour, and remember to leave each portion to cool slightly before eating as they can be very hot! We’ll also include a recipe card so you can make the mug bake again and again. 

Already convinced that this is the baking subscription for you? Sign up now to receive your first box when it’s released in August!  

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What will the recipes be like? 

Each recipe is brand new and exclusive to the mug baking club, and each one will allow you to bake a sweet treat in a mug in the microwave in less than 2 minutes - what could be better than that? We’ll keep the next recipe a surprise until it lands on your doormat, but you can expect some delicious mug cakes, soft cookies and some awesome collaborations too.

You’ll only ever need to add your own butter or milk, but each one can be made with dairy-free ingredients if you’re following a special diet. However, some recipes may contain milk, white chocolate or nuts that might not be suitable for vegans or those with allergies. Still, these make great gift boxes to give away to friends!

If you want to try one of our classic mug bakes before you sign up for a subscription, head over to our Mug Baking range at the Bake Shop now.

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Bakedin Mug Baking Club Launch

Who’s it for?

Our classic mug bakes are really popular with students, families and anyone who loves a sweet treat in the afternoon or quick pudding after dinner. They’re also great for people who want to get in to baking but aren’t quite ready for the baking from scratch experience that our traditional Baking Club offers. 

Sadly the mug baking subscription isn’t suitable for people with allergies, as each recipe might contain gluten, soya, milk and nuts. 

My friend would love this! Can I send it as a gift?

Absolutely! The Mug Baking Club makes the perfect gift for all stages of life and all occasions too. Think of it like the gift that keeps on giving! 

When you buy a gift, we’ll send out the first box straight away to the address you give us. Why not get it sent to your address so you can wrap and give it to them yourself on their special day? The first box comes with a gift certificate and instructions on how to activate the rest of their subscription so they can receive the remaining boxes to their own address rather than yours.

Gift subscriptions start from £17 for 3 months and the subscription is also available in 6 months and 12 month options too -perfect for those really special treats. 

Give as a gift

I want one for myself! How do I sign up?

The subscription is perfect for any budget, starting at £5 per month when you take out the 12 month option. You can sign up on the website now, and if you do it before the 1st August, you’ll automatically be put on the list to receive our first box in the middle of August! 

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Lesley Magasiner
Lesley Magasiner

January 28, 2021

Are you still doing the Mug baking subscription as I cant find any details on your website. I subscribed to the bread making but had to cancel as I am absolutely useless at bread making. The baking ones however, are really good and we are very happy with them all.

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