Great British Bake Off Week 7: Vegan Week

October 10, 2018

Bakedin Great British Bake Off Week 7 Vegan Week

With 3.5 million Brits now identifying as vegan it’s fair to say that plant-based living is more popular than ever before. With stats like this, it’s no wonder the Great British Bake Off chose to celebrate veganism in Week 7! And what a week it was… we loved watching everyone’s innovative take on egg and butter substitutes, proving that it is possible to bake on a vegan diet! Read on for our favourite vegan recipes, but first, let’s find out a bit more about veganism…

The Rise of Veganism

Figures suggest that the population of vegans has increased from 1% to 7% since 2016. Many signs point towards Instagram for assisting the rise in veganism with over 67.2m #vegan posts - many of them dedicated to vegan food!

Because of its increased popularity, there are many more coffee shops and restaurants embracing catering vegan friendly options. It is also apparent that there are more people around experimenting with dessert alternatives. Long gone are the days where vegans were left with the fruit salad bowl at dessert times - thankfully!

Bakedin Great British Bake Off Week 7 Vegan Week Almonds

There are many benefits to eating vegan friendly. Not only for ethical reasons, but people are embracing the diet to improve health and nutrition. There is also the added benefit of improving the environment, as food accounts for 20% of all our greenhouse gas emissions.

With all this in mind, plus that fact that the Great British Bake Off has embraced the diet, we thought it couldn’t be a better time for us to experiment with some vegan baking recipes. Here’s a list of our favourite 5 vegan bakes, based on the judge’s fiendish challenges:

Our Favourite Vegan Baking Recipes

Signature: Butterless Pastry/Dough

Cinnamon Buns

At Bakedin we are well known for our cinnamon buns, so we were really excited to try Jamie’s Vegan alternatives - wholewheat maple cinnamon buns. They were just as moist, sticky and delicious.

Bakedin Great British Bake Off Week 7 Vegan Week Iced Cinnamon Buns

You could also make our own Iced Cinnamon Bun kit using all vegan ingredients. Simply switch the butter for dairy-free butter (widely available in the supermarkets) and make a vegan egg using some of the ideas in our popular baking substitutes blog post from earlier this year. 

Read our Baking Substitutes blog post

Millionaire Bars

These Made Over Millionaires Bars are a triple win for all vegan bakers, with three whole layers of deliciousness! Normally the traditional recipe for Millionaires Shortbread would contain a lot of butter and cream, so this is a great alternative. The bars have a vegan biscuit/pastry base, and are filled with a fudge-style centre made of dates and a delicious chocolatey topper.

Bakedin Great British Bake Off Week 7 Vegan Week Cashews Dates

Technical Challenge: Egg-less meringues

Vegan Meringue Kisses

Some might not believe that it’s possible to make delicious meringues as beautiful as these. That’s why we absolutely loved the Great British Bake Off Vegan Week Technical Challenge, featuring vegan meringues! Just by recycling some of your chickpea water, you could be on the way to making some of these beautiful Meringue Kisses. Now, we want to meet the person that first discovered this would work...!

Bakedin Great British Bake Off Week 7 Vegan Week Meringue Kisses

Showstopper Challenge: Vegan Celebration Cake

Vegan Raspberry Chocolate Cake

You can never, ever go wrong with a Chocolate Cake. And this recipe proves that vegans absolutely can have their cake and eat it too! This Vegan Raspberry Chocolate Cake is absolutely delicious and moist. The sweet and bitter balance sits perfectly with the tart raspberries.

Bakedin Great British Bake Off Week 7 Vegan Week Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Vegan Frosted Lemon Cake

One’s baking bible cannot be complete without a lemon cake staple. Waitrose claims this Frosted Lemon Cake is delicious and fluffy in texture and ready within the hour, we have to agree. Why not add a sprig of lavender on top for a beautiful finish?

Bakedin Great British Bake Off Week 7 Vegan Week Lemon Cake


If you’re vegan or trying to cut down your intake of butter, eggs or milk in your baking, have a look at the blog post about alternative ingredients we wrote earlier this year for some more inspiration!

Remember that all of our baking kits can be vegan-friendly. All you need to do is swap out the butter and milk for dairy-free alternatives, and the eggs for either a flaxseed egg, applesauce or a DIY egg made of water, oil and baking powder. Take a look in our Bake Shop to find your next vegan bake!

Visit the Bake Shop

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The Great British Bake Off Week 7 was Vegan Week, proving it is possible to bake on a vegan diet. Find out our favourite vegan baking recipes.

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