Great British Bake Off Week 5: Spice Week

September 26, 2018

Bakedin Great British Bake Off Week 5: Spice Week

It’s a Bake Off first! Week 5 of the Great British Bake Off 2018 features a brand new theme, never before seen on the show: Spice Week. The Signature challenge sees the bakers tackle a teatime classic perfect for those autumn days, the ginger cake. Next up, a Technical that no one has heard of - an intricate Arabian pastry - that we’re all now desperate for a piece of! Finally, the showstopper is one of the craziest things we’ve ever seen - a chandelier made entirely from spiced biscuits. Yep, you read that right…

In this post, we share our own take on the challenges set by Prue and Paul, as well as some of our favourite spice-based bakes too.

The Signature Challenge: Ginger Cake

Ginger Spice always was our favourite… so when we heard the Signature challenge this week revolved around a Ginger Cake, we couldn’t wait to see the bakers’ creations! Read on to see our favourite products that either contain ginger or can be amended to include a little ginger kick.

Our Sticky Toffee Cake Kit

There’s nothing quite like a warm sticky toffee pudding fresh from the oven. Oh wait, there is something - a sticky toffee pudding with a hint of ginger! Imagine if you mixes parkin with a sticky toffee pudding, and you’ll be close to just how amazing this cake is. It’s the perfect combination of rich, sweet sponge with a gentle warming kick from the spice.

Bakedin Great British Bake Off Week 5 Spice Week Sticky Toffee Cake

To make your own Sticky Toffee Ginger Cake, pick up one of our baking kits that comes with a step-by-step recipe card and all the dry ingredients you need (just add 1 teaspoon of ground ginger into the flour mix if you want that ginger hit!) plus a few handy extras such as baking tin, testing skewer and butter measure!

Pick yours up from the Bake Shop now

Gingerbread Mug Mix

Think of ginger, think of gingerbread, think of Christmas! We know we’re not strictly allowed to think of Christmas just yet (come on, it’s only September) but we do love gingerbread. The rich, warm sponge is a treat for all the senses - not only does it look delicious, but it also smells incredible, leaves a velvety feel in your mouth and tastes like Christmas in a mug. We haven’t forgotten sound - you’ll definitely hear plenty of “yums” when you feed these to your friends and family!

Bakedin Great British Bake Off Week 5 Spice Week Gingerbread Mug Mix

Our Gingerbread Mug range will be available ready for the festive season yet, so keep your eyes peeled!

The Technical: Ma'amoul

Nope, we’ll admit we hadn’t heard of ma’amoul, but they’re now on our list of bakes we really must try! We loved the intricate decoration created using the moulds - didn’t they look good enough to eat? If you want to make your own ma’amoul, have a read of this recipe from Amanda’s Plate for a fail-safe bake.

While we don’t sell an equivalent to ma’amoul at Bakedin, we’re always coming up with brand new bakes that are based on classics from around the world. That’s the beauty of our baking subscription box - the Baking Club! Each month, we treat our members to a brand new recipe, exclusively designed by Michel Roux. Also included in the box is all the dry ingredients you’ll need to make your bake, perfectly weighed out, as well as some handy extras to help you along too. Our past bakes have featured some of the ingredients included in this week’s Technical Challenge: ma’amoul, such as our Tea Loaf, and this month’s Bake of the Month flavoured with walnuts: the Lotus Biscoff Caramel, Chocolate and Walnut Tart. Have a look at all our Past Recipes for more inspiration.

If the Baking Club sounds like something you’d like to join, why not sign up today? You can get your first Baking Club subscription box for just £3.99 when you use the code THREE99 at the checkout!

Join the Baking Club today!

The Showstopper: Spiced Biscuits

What about those showstoppers, eh? The bakers seemingly defied gravity with their suspended spiced biscuits arranged to resemble a chandelier! If you want to do something a little more traditional with your spiced biscuits, why not make our incredible Gingerbread House?

Gingerbread House Baking Kit

“Gingerbread Houses are notoriously difficult to make” - whoever said that has clearly never made a Gingerbread House using a Bakedin baking kit! We include all the dry ingredients you’ll need to bake the gingerbread biscuits from scratch, as well as the sweets, marshmallows and white chocolate decorations, and a cake board to display your finished house on too! The recipe card makes it really easy to follow each step of the process, meaning you’ll have an impressive Gingerbread House in barely any time at all!

Bakedin Great British Bake Off Week 5 Spice Week Gingerbread House

We created this Gingerbread House baking kit after it went down so well with our Baking Club members as the Bake of the Month for December 2016. Keep your eyes peeled for our Christmas range coming to the Bake Shop soon!

Visit the Bake Shop


What are your favourite sweet spiced products to bake? Share them in the comments below!

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Bakedin Great British Bake Off Week 5 Spice Week

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