Great British Bake Off Week 4: Dessert Week

September 20, 2018

Great British Bake Off Week 4: Dessert Week

Dessert Week is always one of our favourite weeks on the Great British Bake Off, and the 2018 one was a corker! First up on the task list, the bakers faced a meringue-based Signature challenge where the cracks certainly started to show for some bakers. For the Technical challenge, the contestants attempted to make a classic blancmange - though some ended up looking more like soup! Finally, the Showstopper featured a complicated chocolate sphere that melted away to reveal an incredible dessert underneath - melting our hearts in the process!

We love a home-baked dessert, so in this week’s blog post, we’re rounding up our favourite dessert recipes that will have you challenging *spoiler alert*Dan*spoiler alert* for that Star Baker crown…

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The Signature Challenge: Meringues and Roulades

Most bakers have a love/hate relationship with meringues, but here at Bakedin we love them! We love the crisp outside and chewy, gooey centre, so any recipe that calls for a meringue is good in our book! Equally, the thought of rolling up a sponge into a roulade or Swiss Roll terrifies some home bakers, but we’re always willing to give it a go thanks to our baking kits that come with easy-to-follow instructions.

Here’s just two of our favourite bakes that either contain meringues or get us on a roll…

Raspberry Eton Mess Cake

Our love for meringues was particularly obvious in July this year, when the Bake of the Month was the delicious Raspberry Eton Mess Cake. It quickly became one of the most popular bakes, ever!

Bakedin Great British Bake Off Week 4 Dessert Week Raspberry Eton Mess Cake

Unlike the poor bakers who were subjected to Paul’s helpful comments “If you make a mistake, that’s it”, our Raspberry Eton Mess Cake actively encourages mess! Some of our Baking Club members have crumbled their meringues into small pieces in between their sponge layers, so it really doesn’t matter if you make a mistake.

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Caramel Yule Log

If you’re on a roll, check out our festive version of the roulade the bakers attempted - the irresistible Caramel Yule Log. It’s got a light-as-a-feather sponge flavoured with cocoa, filled with a blend of whipped cream and caramel sauce, and then covered in a chocolate frosting decorated to create a log effect. On top, there are crunchy hazelnuts and a light dusting of icing sugar snow. It’s the perfect Christmas dessert and a great recipe for nervous bakers to start their swiss roll making career!

Bakedin Great British Bake Off Week 4 Dessert Week Caramel Yule Log

As it’s one of our previous Baking Club boxes our Baking Club members have exclusive access to the recipe for now. It will, however, be making a comeback for Christmas 2018 as a retail product… you heard it here first!

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The Technical Challenge: Wobbly Desserts

This week’s technical challenge left our bakers feeling more than a little wobbly… Blancmange is a classic dessert that is traditionally flavoured with almonds, but we loved seeing the creative flavour combinations the bakers came up with!


Though it’s not one of our own recipes, we love this strawberry blancmange created by Tin and Thyme. This recipe uses agar agar (a seaweed product) in place of gelatine, so it’s completely vegetarian friendly and an interesting mix to boot!

Bakedin Great British Bake Off Week 4 Dessert Week Ultimate Brownie Sundae

Ultimate Mug Brownie Sundae

If you want an even tastier way to eat your leftover blancmange, why not layer it with one of our mug brownies to create an alternative Ultimate Mug Brownie Sundae? The best thing about it is that it’s ready in an instant!

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The Showstopper: Chocolate Desserts

The bakers really pulled out all the stops for their showstoppers this week, with a chocolate sphere melting away to reveal an incredibly intricate dessert underneath. As amazing as they were, they’re not something we are rushing to recreate at home for fear of a tempered chocolate disaster, so we’re keeping our showstopper suggestions a bit simpler this week!

Melt-in-the-Middle Chocolate Puddings

There’s nothing quite like cutting into a pudding still warm from the oven and watching the molten chocolate centre spill out onto your plate. That’s why we couldn’t leave melt-in-the-middle chocolate puddings out of this list of our favourite desserts!

Bakedin Great British Bake Off Week 4 Dessert Week Melt in the Middle Puddings

This dark and white chocolate pudding from Lakeland is super simple to make, as the molten centre is made by popping a white chocolate truffle into the centre of the mix before baking. As the sponge cooks around it, the truffle will melt inside, giving this pud the classic melt-in-the-middle look and feel without the fear of over-baking the centre!  

An exclusive preview of September’s Baking Club box

Some of the bakers chose to reveal a tart underneath their chocolate spheres, and that's something we would have done too! Our September box dispatch day coincides rather handily with Dessert Week on the Great British Bake Off, and while our bake doesn’t have a chocolate sphere ready to melt on the top, it’s still just as impressive.

Bakedin Great British Bake Off Week 4 Dessert Week Chocolate Tart

We are delighted to reveal our September Baking Club box is… a Lotus Biscoff Caramel, Chocolate and Walnut Tart. Just as it says on the baking tin, it’s made up of a melt-in-the-mouth pastry, layered with caramel, walnuts and a fudgy chocolate centre, and then topped with a caramel icing and Lotus Biscoff crumb. It really is to die for, and the perfect show-stopping dessert. 

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Have you tried any of the dessert recipes from this week’s Bake Off episode? We’d love to hear what your favourite ones are!

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Bakedin Great British Bake Off Week 4 Dessert Week

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