Great British Bake Off Week 2: Cake Week

September 05, 2018

Bakedin Great British Bake Off Week 2 Cake Week

We can’t believe it’s already Week 2 in the Great British Bake Off, and time for our favourite week of all: cake week! The bakers had some pretty challenging tasks this week - the signature was a crowd-pleasing traybake, but the technical challenge was anything but. One word - spinach?! Now we know we like vegetable bakes, but spinach might be taking it a little too far… Finally, the showstopper was full of chocolatey goodness, but sadly the heatwave made it nigh on impossible for some of the bakers. Poor things!

Now you can make like the Great British Bake Off contestants and bake some delicious cakes with our baking kits. Each kit contains everything you need to make a Michel Roux approved recipe, including a step-by-step recipe card and all the dry ingredients perfectly weighed out, as well as some handy extras such as a butter measure, disposable baking tins and testing skewers.

Here’s just some of our favourite cake kits… which are all available on our Bake Shop by the way! Take a look now!

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Our Favourite Cake Kits

The Signature Challenge: Traybakes

The bakers came up with some incredible flavour combinations for the Signature Challenge. We saw an Indian-inspired traybake from Antony, a traybake dedicated to Jon's favourite herb, and of course Dan's creation earned him the very first Hollywood handshake of the series.

We're keeping it simple with a classic for our traybake... the incomparable Sticky Toffee Cake! 

Sticky Toffee Cake Kit

With the Great British Bake Off contestants tackling tray bakes this week, our favourite sticky toffee cake is ready to make a comeback! It’s a rich and yummy sponge, crammed full of sticky dates and then topped with a sweet and sticky toffee sauce. The hardest thing you’ll have to do is work out whether you want it with ice cream or custard. Hint: try both!

Bakedin Great British Bake Off Week 2 Sticky Toffee Cake Kit

Yes, it’s technically a pudding, but when it tastes like this, who are we to complain? Pick up your sticky toffee cake kit from our Bake Shop now.

The Technical Challenge: An unusual cake ingredient

Where do they find these technical challenges?! The cake in question for Week 2 of The Great British Bake Off was le gateu vert - literally the green cake. It's said to be a favourite cake of Claude Monet to celebrate his birthday, so some artistic flair is definitely required! It's a genoise sponge flavoured with pistachios, sandwiched with creme au beurre, and then covered in a pistachio marzipan and finally topped with a green fondant icing, coloured with... did I read that right? Spinach?

If you prefer your cake flavours a little more cakey, but still with some ingredients you might not expect, you'll love our boozy bakes!

Prosecco Cake Kit

Our Strawberry & Prosecco Cake Kit creates a real show-stopper for parties, perfect for all occasions including birthdays and anniversaries, or even a fantastic DIY wedding! This delicious treat has four layers of vanilla sponge drizzled with a prosecco syrup, sandwiched together with prosecco buttercream and sliced strawberries, and then topped with more buttercream, strawberries and white chocolate curls.

Bakedin Great British Bake Off Week 2 Cake Week Prosecco Cake Kit

Our prosecco cake kit comes complete with a mini bottle of prosecco (just enough for the cake, mind you!) and is available in the Bake Shop while stocks last!

Gin & Tonic Cupcake Kit

Now here’s one that Prue would really love… it’s full of gin! Imagine a delicious vanilla sponge flavoured with tonic water, and then soaked in a gin syrup. They’re topped with a gin flavoured buttercream (contains real gin!) and then finished with a lime wedge and zest. They’re absolutely delicious and we can’t wait for you to try them!

Bakedin Great British Bake Off Week 2 Cake Week Gin and Tonic Cupcakes

Just like our Prosecco Cake, this Gin & Tonic cupcake kit contains a miniature bottle of gin and a miniature bottle of tonic. It also comes with a Gin & Tonic Cupcakes recipe card, all the dry ingredients and some handy extras such as cupcake cases, testing skewer and a butter measure too.

The Chocolate Showstopper

Chocolate Layer Cake

No list of our favourite cake recipes would be complete without mention of a chocolate cake! And our one is very special indeed. With our kit, you’ll make a four layer chocolate cake in an ombre style, sandwiched together with a rich chocolate buttercream. It looks beautiful on the outside, but even more spectacular once you slice it open. The best thing about it? It’s super easy to make and doesn’t have a chocolate collar. So, unlike the Bake Off contestants you won’t get hot under the collar with this one!

Bakedin Great British Bake Off Week 2 Cake Week Chocolate Layer Cake

Pick up your Chocolate Layer Cake kit from the Bake Shop now. It comes complete with all the dry ingredients you need perfectly weighed out, plus a step-by-step recipe card, butter measure, testing skewer and disposable cake tins too.


To have your very own Cake Week a la The Great British Bake Off, visit the Bake Shop to pick up a cake kit today!

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Share your favourite cake recipes in the comments below! We'd love to hear them :) 

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Bakedin Great British Bake Off Week 2 Cake Week

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