Easy Baking Recipes for Kids

August 08, 2018

Easy Baking Recipes for Kids

Are you struggling to think of ways to entertain your children? Consider teaching your children to bake with these 10 Easy Baking Recipes for Kids - they’re all simple yet fun to make bakes!

Baking with children is a fantastic way to help them fine tune their motor skills and dexterity, whilst letting them get their hands a little messy. Baking also teaches them brand new skills, encourages creativity and independence, which is a great way to spend the summer holidays! In fact, baking is one of the best cheap summer holiday activities there is - so what are you waiting for? Let them bake!

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Easy Baking Recipes for Kids

Simple Whoopie Pies Recipe

Whoopie Pies are half cake, half cookie, and your little ones will have so much fun creating this American classic. Whoopie Pies get their name from children being treated to these little morsels of delight in their lunch bags, and exclaiming ‘whoopie!’ when they find them.

Bakedin Easy Baking Recipes for Kids Whoopie Pies

Here at Bakedin, we’ve done all the hard work for you so there’s more time for the fun! Using our easy to follow recipe card you and your little baker will need to prepare the chocolatey dough and the creamy chocolatey buttercream filling used to sandwich the discs together. This one is definitely a favourite with our mini bakers and it’ll be one of yours too. You can buy your Whoopie Pie Baking Kit in our Bake Shop while stocks last!  

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Easy Cake Pops Recipe

Cake pops are a fun way to eat cake, and they are great fun to make with your little bakers too. Involve them in the whole baking process by letting them help you make the sponge cake first, or to speed things up, you could buy a ready-made sponge cake and to get them doing the messy bit!

Bakedin Easy Baking Recipes for Kids Cake Pops

To make cake pops, first make a sponge cake of your choice and allow it to cool. Crumble the cake using your hands and combine the crumbs with some frosting - just enough to bring the mixture together to form your pops. Once the balls have been rolled, melt some chocolate and dip lollipop sticks into the chocolate, so it comes 2cm high up your stick. Then, push the sticks halfway through your cake balls and refrigerate until the chocolate has solidified. Once out of the fridge, melt some more chocolate and use it to coat your cake pops. You can either dip the cake pops in the chocolate, or use a teaspoon to help. Whilst the chocolate is still wet, start decorating your cake pops with sprinkles, sweets, chocolate shavings... the possibilities really are endless, so let your little one get creative in the kitchen! Have a look at the Beautiful Mess blog for some more Cake Pops inspiration.  

Jam Tarts for Children

Jam tarts are a brilliant way to start cooking with kids, and learning how to bake pastry is a real-life skill your children will find useful forever! Both young kids and teens will love getting their hands messy with this favourite - and with only 4 ingredients, it couldn’t be easier.

Bakedin Easy Baking Recipes for Kids Jam Tarts

Older children will be able to get on with this one on their own (with adult supervision, of course!) thanks to Christie from the ‘Childhood101’ blog, who has put together a very easy baking recipe for children to follow on how to make jam tarts. With the help of a squirty bottle, these sweet treats will be in and out of the oven in no time!

Easy Sugar Cookies Recipe for Kids

Sugar cookies are really simple to make, and they’re one of our favourite baking recipes for kids. Kids can decorate their cookies with just about anything they fancy, from piping royal icing designs, to coating them in buttercream or even ganache… the choice is theirs! Making sugar cookies is also the perfect opportunity to teach kids how to pipe names and messages onto their sweet creations. 

Bakedin Easy Baking Recipes for Kids Sugar Cookies

This easy to follow sugar cookies recipe by Laurie from ‘two sisters crafting’ makes some simple yet delicious sugar cookies that are perfect for all year round. How will you children choose to decorate theirs?

Iced Buns Recipe

Iced buns are a fantastic way to introduce your children to dough and teaching them how to knead. Plus, they’re delicious, which always helps too! Older children should be able to bake iced buns with limited adult supervision, but younger kids can help out by mixing the ingredients together and decorating the finished buns.

Bakedin Easy Baking Recipes for Kids Iced Buns

Our light fruits rolls topped with zesty sticky icing will make the perfect summer treat for baking. The addition of dried fruit and the freshness of the lemon juice in the icing is a welcome twist on this classic childhood favourite that will definitely go down well with your little ones and the rest of the family. As the dough needs time for proving, these iced buns can be made ahead of time ready for those afternoon teas in the summer sun!

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Fairy Cakes

Our list of easy baking recipes for children wouldn’t be complete without fairy cakes! This all-in-one fairy cake recipe by Mary Berry is super fun and quick to make, and is the perfect recipe to use when baking with younger children. Once the fairy cakes are out of the oven and cooled they’ll be ready for decorating. Mix a few teaspoons of water into about 200g of sifted icing sugar and mix well until you have a runny consistency icing, you can now divide this into a few bowls and colour with edible food colouring. Kids will have so much fun spooning the icing onto the fairy cakes and then topping with sugar decorations, sweets and sprinkles.

Bakedin Easy Baking Recipes for Kids Fairy Cakes

Or why not mix it up and make butterfly cakes with your children? To make butterfly cakes, simply cut the top of a fairy cake off, and then slice the top into two. Use some buttercream to fill in the hole you’ve just made in the fairy cake, and then place the two halves of cake on top to look like wings. Then, dust with icing sugar for a fairytale treat. 

2 Minute Cake Recipe for Kids

Our very own mug brownie mix is a brilliant way of introducing kids to baking, as this is the simplest form of baking there is. All they’ll need is a microwave, some butter and a splash of milk and they’ll have a tasty, decadent treat in under 2 minutes.

Bakedin Easy Baking Recipes for Kids Mug Brownie

To make a mug brownie, simply mix the contents of a sachet with some melted butter and a splash of milk in a microwaveable mug. Pop in the microwave for 60 seconds to make a quick and easy treat for all the family. We enjoy it most with a spoon of double cream or a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream. Check out our full range of mug mixes in our Bake Shop now to choose your favourite.

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White Chocolate Flapjacks Recipe

Flapjacks are another simple baking recipe for kids that are as tasty as they are simple! Flapjacks make a great snack for the kids when on-the-go and can be prepared ahead of time. Plus, they only require a few store cupboard ingredients and minimal effort!

Bakedin Easy Baking Recipes for Kids Flapjacks

Nikki from the ‘Stressy Mum’ blog has incorporated white chocolate into her flapjack recipe, which we think works so well with the oats. The kids will love making these, and they can be decorated with melted chocolate and marshmallows. 

Simple Carrot Cake Cookies Recipe

Our carrot cake cookies are just as delicious as a slice of carrot cake (if not better!) and make the perfect treat for the whole family. They’re a great way to show kids how easy it is to incorporate vegetables into baking, and the best part about it is that they are quick and fun to make.

Bakedin Easy Baking Recipes for Kids Carrot Cake Cookies

With our carrot cake cookies recipe, your kids will have fun grating carrots, mixing up the cookie mixture and drizzling over a lovely cream cheese frosting once cooled. Why not pick up a carrot cake cookies baking kit from the Bake Shop today?

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How to make Cornflake Cakes

Cornflake cakes are the perfect no-bake treat for younger children who want to have some fun in the kitchen too! Use a cornflake cake recipe to teach kids how to fill cupcake cases without wasting any cake batter, and show them how to melt the chocolate gently too. Once you’ve helped them melt the chocolate, they’ll be able to get mixing! Aside from the chilling time, these little treats take hardly any time at all as there’s no actual baking required.

Bakedin Easy Baking Recipes for Kids Cornflake Cakes

Or for an alternative treat, try mixing chocolate with rice krispies! Cery from the ‘Rainy Day Mum’ blog uses goodies such as mini marshmallows and mini eggs to decorate her rice crispy nests, which look great and taste even better. Let your kids choose their decorations to unleash their creativity! 


There are plenty of baking kits available in our Bake Shop, all of which contain all the dry ingredients your children will need to bake some delicious treats at home. They’ll be able to follow the step-by-step recipe card with ease, thanks to the photos and easy-to-follow instructions.

So let your children’s imaginations run wild and teach them some invaluable skills over the summer holidays with our easy baking recipes for children.

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Bakedin Easy Baking Recipes for Kids

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