DIY Wedding Cake Ideas

June 19, 2019

DIY Wedding Cake Ideas

If you’re getting married this year or are starting to plan your future big day, have you considered making your own wedding cake? Professionally made wedding cakes can cost hundreds of pounds for something relatively basic, and as we’re all about baking from scratch here at Bakedin, we’ve got our own DIY Wedding Cake ideas to help you save money and have some fun too!

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at our favourite DIY Wedding Cakes...

Naked Cake

For a rustic wedding cake that will prompt many “I can’t believe you made that!” comments, try a naked cake. The simple design looks difficult to master, but is surprisingly easy! You just need to scrape closely to the sides of the cake when applying the buttercream to reveal the ‘naked’ sponge beneath.

Bakedin DIY Wedding Cake Ideas Prosecco Strawberry Cake

Our Prosecco & Strawberry Cake is a real treat for prosecco lovers. Prosecco makes a wonderful addition to a standard vanilla sponge cake, giving it a deliciously sweet flavour and a lovely light sponge. There’s also sliced fresh strawberries in the middle of the cake for a bit of texture and juiciness. The finished cake will easily feed 16 hungry mouths, so is perfect for smaller weddings or anniversary parties.

Buy the Prosecco & Strawberry Cake now

Rainbow Cake

If your theme is bright and colourful, a rainbow cake will make a wonderful centrepiece for your wedding. Traditionally, a Rainbow Cake only reveals its rainbow magic once cut open, so you could surprise your guests by decorating with a vanilla buttercream on the outside and then revealing the colours after the first slice!

Bakedin DIY Wedding Cake Ideas Rainbow Cake

Our Rainbow Cake kit is just what you’ll need to make your rainbow wedding cake dreams come true! Though it might look difficult to make, the kit comes complete with four colourful mixes, made with all natural colours. All you need to do is combine each cake mix with butter and eggs and then pour into the provided cake tins before baking for a really simple cake that’s as delicious as it looks!

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Chocolate Cake

If you’re a fan of chocolate, there’s no better DIY wedding cake idea than one that’s flavoured, filled and topped with chocolate! The opportunities are endless with this style of cake, as you can decorate it with chocolate sprinkles, chocolate shards or even your favourite chocolate bars for a real show-stopper of a wedding cake.

Bakedin DIY Wedding Cake Ideas Chocolate Cake

Do you want a DIY chocolate wedding cake for your big day? Then you’re in luck! Our Chocolate Layer Cake kit will help you bake a delicious four-layer chocolate cake, both topped and crammed full of a rich chocolate buttercream and finished with white chocolate curls. Each layer has more and more cocoa powder added to it, giving a beautiful ombre effect when sliced open.

Bakedin DIY Wedding Cake Ideas Chocolate Layer Cake

The kit contains four disposable aluminium baking tins to make it even easier for you to DIY your wedding cake! Simply combine each cake mix with butter and eggs and you'll have your very own chocolate wedding cake in no time at all. 

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Classic Victoria Sponge

We couldn’t think of anything more fitting for a spring or summertime wedding than a classic Victoria sponge cake decorated with flowers from your bridal bouquet.

To make a classic Victoria sponge, simply mix 250g softened butter with 250g caster sugar, then add 4 large eggs and 250g flour. Divide the mixture between two round circle tins and then bake in the oven at 175c for 45 minutes, leaving to cool before filling with cream and raspberry jam. Top with a light layer of vanilla buttercream and your favourite food-safe flowers. For advice on how to correctly place the flowers into your cake, check out our blog post on simple cake decorating techniques where we cover this idea in more detail. 

Bakedin DIY Wedding Cake Ideas Naked Victoria SpongeFor something a little different, why not try our Raspberry Eton Mess Cake, which is based on the classic sponge cake? With two light vanilla sponges, it’s filled and topped with whipped cream, fresh raspberries, dried raspberries, raspberry syrup and homemade meringues - so it really is an Eton Mess, just in cake form!

Bakedin DIY Wedding Cake Ideas Raspberry Eton Mess Cake

As this cake is so light and delicate, it’s not likely to withstand being stacked as a two or three tier cake. So if you’re feeding more than 12 people, try making multiple cakes and then display them on different cake stands to give a bit of theatre to your dessert table.

The Raspberry Eton Mess Cake was one of our previous Baking Club recipes, which we have sadly run out of kits for now (it was very popular!) But fear not! You can still get access to this recipe, plus all our past recipes, when you sign up for a subscription to the Baking Club.

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Individual Cupcakes

If you like the idea of giving your guests individual cakes, consider cupcakes! Cupcakes can work brilliantly as wedding favours or even as a complete replacement for a traditional wedding cake. What’s more, they’re very easy to adapt to your theme when decorated with your wedding colours, from pastels to brights!

Bakedin DIY Wedding Cake Ideas Cupcakes

Speaking of cocktails, our Gin & Tonic Cupcakes are perfect for a summer wedding thanks to their zesty lime flavour and bright colours. The Gin & Tonic Cupcake Kit comes with everything you need to make these little beauties at home, including a piping bag and re-usable nozzle. Just add eggs, butter and limes!

Bakedin DIY Wedding Cake Ideas Gin and Tonic Cupcakes

The best part about the cupcake kit is that it comes with a miniature bottle of gin that you can choose to include in the bake, or drink yourself to calm your nerves before the big day!

Buy the Gin & Tonic Cupcakes now!


So there you have it, our favourite ideas to help you make your own wedding cake from scratch at home. No matter what you choose for your DIY wedding cake, from everyone at Bakedin, we wish you the best of luck for your wedding day!

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Bakedin DIY Wedding Cake Ideas

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