Classic Bakes with a Twist

July 25, 2018

Bakedin Classic Bakes with a Twist Raspberry Eton Mess Cake

Here at Bakedin, we love designing brand new recipes for our lucky Baking Club members. But we love nothing more than reinventing baking classics; we change them up with new ingredients, new styles and brand new looks. Even die-hard traditional bakers will love these unusual sponge cake and dessert recipes - they’re real classic bakes with a twist!

Our favourite classic bakes reinvented

Raspberry Eton Mess Cake

The story goes that the first Eton Mess was served when a meringue with cream and strawberries was dropped at a cricket match in the 19th century. The smashed-up dessert was then scooped up into individual bowls and the Eton Mess was born! We love the original dessert, but couldn’t help but put our own twist on the classic English dessert.

Bakedin Classic Bakes with a Twist Raspberry Eton Mess Cake Portrait

So let us introduce our Raspberry Eton Mess Cake! Our baking kit for July is a real show-stopping cake for a summer barbecue, picnic or general get-together in the sun. Imagine two light sponges, both sandwiched and topped with fresh and freeze-dried raspberries, buttercream and meringue. Lucky Baking Club members will have already received the baking kit for this one through the post, but we’ve got a very small amount left of our Raspberry Eton Mess Cakes  in the Bake Shop. Get your hands on them while you still can!

Black Velvet Cake

Red velvet was unusual once. The idea of putting red food colouring, vinegar and buttermilk in a chocolate sponge surprised us the first time we heard it, but now we completely understand why red velvet cake is one of the most popular flavours out there! These unusual ingredients also make red velvet incredibly moist, light and fluffy. So why change a recipe that already seems to be perfection?

Well, Not Quite Nigella has come up with something even better. Imagine a red velvet cake crossed with a black forest gateaux. Now, pinch yourself, because you are not dreaming. The Black Velvet Cake does exist. Using black cocoa powder, this cake is as delicious as it is dark. And we can’t get enough of it.

Carrot Cake Cookies

Carrot cake was said to originate in the Middle Ages when sugar was too expensive and hard to get hold of for most people. Many people used carrots as a substitute, and the carrot cake was born! Now it is one of our all-time favourite vegetable bakes. The moist and lightly spiced sponge of a carrot cake is crammed full of carrots and raisins, and then topped with cream cheese for a surprisingly sweet and savoury afternoon treat.

Bakedin Classic Bakes with a Twist Carrot Cake Cookies

Now, imagine the delicious fresh flavours of a traditional carrot cake in a quick and easy cookie version. These oaty treats are packed full of oats, raisins and, of course, carrot, and topped with a delicious cream cheese icing, just like the original cake! The cookies went down so well with our Baking Club members, we had to bring them back to the Bake Shop. Get your Carrot Cake Cookies baking kit while stocks last.

Chocolate Pavlova

Believe it or not, the pavlova is actually a dessert from New Zealand. Whilst its name might be reminiscent of Russian ballet dancers, this simple dish is served up at Christmas time down under. The original dish takes a large meringue base, fills it with cream and then traditionally tops it with strawberries, though bakers are welcome to finish it off with any fruit they have readily available.

Smitten Kitchen has come up with our favourite pavlova ever, as it contains chocolate! Yes, the chocolate pavlova is as good as it sounds. Imagine a fudgy, chocolatey meringue base, topped with cream, berries and a good helping of grated chocolate too. This may be even better than the real thing.

Toffee Apple Muffins

Toffee Apples conjure up images of fireworks, the smell of bonfires, and the pain of toothache - careful not to crack your teeth on the outer toffee shell! Though we love the flavour of toffee apples, we weren’t impressed by the amount of visits we needed to take to the dentist after eating them, so we thought it was time to change up the classic toffee apple!

Bakedin Classic Bakes with a Twist Toffee Apple Muffins

We’ve taken the classic flavours of toffee apples and put them in muffin form. Imagine a mixed spice sponge full of apple and walnuts, and topped with toffee sauce and fudge pieces. Unlike the traditional favourite, you won’t break your teeth on these treats! This was our baking kit back in September 2017, but it was so popular that we brought back limited Toffee Apple Muffins stock to the Bake Shop.


The recipes in this post were created for our Baking Club subscribers. If you like trying out new recipes, you’ll love our Baking Club! Each month, we send out a brand new recipe, exclusively designed by Michel Roux.

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What’s your favourite classic bake? We’d love to hear how you change it up at home. Leave us a comment to share your ideas!

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Bakedin Classic Bakes With a Twist

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